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; Language: English;. Prof. Amir Maziar Department of Systems Engineering 1 Introduction . It may be said that computer science is a young but old discipline; it has been around since its very beginning. However, it took a very long time before this discipline achieved recognition and before it came to be recognised as a legitimate discipline. However, now it has been recognised as a legitimate discipline. It is no longer considered as a mere hobby. Computer science has become a multi-disciplinary discipline, which not only integrates various branches of science and technology but also involves the study of mathematics and social sciences. The discipline of computer science began with the study of arithmetic circuits (or digital circuits) [1]. This study has evolved into the field of circuits and control theory. In the 1950s, the circuit design of computers was done by using abstract algebra and logic [2]. These circuits are characterised by a set of Boolean equations (such as AND, OR, XOR, XNOR etc.) and the set of Boolean variables called the state of the circuit [3]. These Boolean equations were modelled with boolean functions [4]. It was not until 1970s that actual circuits were designed for computer implementation [5]. These circuits were found to be characterised by specific gates, which were called as gates, subcircuits, blocks, chips, and microchips. Later on, this gate design approach was generalised and considered applicable to other disciplines [6]. It should be mentioned that all the studies are done at a theoretical level. So, it is quite obvious that we do not have a general theory of computer science. However, we have some theories (and paradigms) that are used for the design of computer systems [7]. In fact, these theories are just tentative theories. They are used to design the circuit diagrams. We can also say that these theories are not complete theories as they do not even form a complete hierarchy of theories. For instance, the theory of finite-state machines is not a theory of the theory of finite-state automata as both of these theories have common elements. In fact, these two theories are used to model various computer system designs [8]. Since the early days of computer science, it is believed that computers are designed and designed to carry out logic tasks. But, this is not the case. Today, computer scientists are divided into two types of people. One type are the functionalists and the other type are the structural



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Tarunkumarrawatsignalsandsystemsebookdownload [April-2022]

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