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Technika H16wc01 Driver Download Win7 amorsae




32bit Is there a way to copy the sound card info into another computer what's the difference between glibc-doc, glibc-manpages and glibc-devel-doc? ikonia, there is no such file there SunTsu: Try not to type in ALL caps in this channel. tok2, well installed package is given by synaptic manager. in which folder would i find it 11.10 is confusing me SunTsu: do you see anything in your list about libX11? tok2, hmm not sure. tok2, maybe libx11-dev or something. Pici: nope if my hd is reported as "clean" but i'm not able to install ubuntu and uname -a says kernl 2.6.32-28-server i think grub is b0rked and i need to change its version in menu.lst but it's blank.. i tried to edit it with gedit but it says permission denied sudo apt-get install libx11-dev, thank you, Abhijit Pici: apt-get shows everything dossy: don't edit it, use the correct package. how to open it with ubuntu? ikonia, where would the drivers be located Abhijit, SunTsu: Did you do an apt-get update first? tok2, :-) Pici: yes stevecam: should be in /lib/firmware i got them from the manufacturer Pici: that's why I have 0.4.0 in my list stevecam: there should be one for each card Pici: which is wrong i




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Technika H16wc01 Driver Download Win7 amorsae

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